Taking Action


Congressman Delgado has a position on the Infrastructure committee, so Jeff took the opportunity during his time in Washington DC to introduce Congressman Delgado to Dallas Burtraw, a Senior Fellow with Resources for the Future.  Dallas Burtraw has worked to promote efficient control of air pollution and written extensively on electricity industry regulation and environmental outcomes.

The purpose was to discuss policy architecture for Federal Climate Policy, and the role for the Clean Air Act as it relates to regulations and prices on harmful carbon emissions.  We encouraged the Congressman to keep an open mind regarding State and Regional efforts to experiment with various climate crisis policies and strategies, while being supportive of durable and adaptable Federal policies. 

Congressman Delgado is also on the Agriculture committee so Jeff pointed out the connections with agriculture and climate change and the need to encourage plant based diet and local organic farms/markets.





Jeff and Riverkeeper met with Congressman Delgado and talked about several important topics:

  • Congressman-Delgado2
  • To make Congressman Delgado aware of two bills before the NYS Assembly (A.4666/S.5612 and A.3658/S.5576) which would protect New York’s wetlands, rivers, creeks, lakes and the wildlife that depend on their health.
  • The need to continue to address with the EPA PCBs in the Hudson.
  • The Army Corp of Engineers federally proposed plans to place Storm barriers at the mouth of the Hudson that could pose enormous problems there and upriver.  Also, the need to include and prioritize federal consideration for impact of sea level rise, expected to be about two feet increase in Hudson River height.
  • Water Quality/Infrastructure Investments.
  • Hudson River Geographic Program.
  • Lower Esopus problems and need for protections.
  • Wheelabrator – which fortunately appears to be pulling out of the Catskill ash processing plant location, but still questions on where in NY its impact at new location.