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Our New Recycling Center

Thanks to the hard work of Girl Scout Katie Hall, we now have a beautiful recycling center just outside our office! The great part about this center is that it was created for recycling confusing items such as toothpaste tubes, Brita bottle filters, and corks. All of these items, plus many more, can now be removed from our landfills and consciously disposed of much easier.

If you live nearby, feel free to stop by our office in the Village of Rhinebeck next to the restaurant Terrapin to drop off a few of your hard-to-recyclables. The labels for each category will be displayed on the bin and can be found to the side of this post.





JSA in August





Clean Energy Guide

Thanks to Sustainable Hudson Valley NewYorkers across the state can learn about a ton of the different options business and home-owners have when evaluateing and pursing clean energy. The  Clean Energy Guide helps you find the right renewable technologies for power, heating and cooling, and transportation. If you've been wanting to make changes to your energy sourcing and do not know where to start, the Clean Energy Guide is a great place to start. Click the Read More button for clean energy ideas and valueable information on sustainable technology!

​Clean Energy Guide​          





Pollinator Habitat

The best part about coming to the JSA office in the summer is the pollinator habitat surrounding the office building. Milkweed creeps through the cracks of the wrap-around porch, purple echinacea flowers are in full bloom, and an assortment of bees and butterflies flit from plant to plant.

Not only does this environment provide food and space for our pollinators, it provides berries for the birds and delightful greens for the team. You'll sometimes see Leola, our sustainability director, harvest sorrel or redroot amaranth or Katy, our marketing associate, gather a few milkweed blossoms. The JSA office space truly supports all sorts of life.




Recipe for a Cleaner, Greener Lifestyle

Sustainable Hudson Valley did not just stop with creating the Clean Power Guide though, they went the extra mile and created a hands-on series where Sustainable Hudson Valley went out   and educated Hudson Valley locals on how to reduce their environmental footprint through energy sourcing. This experience brought a diverse group of sustainability-forward experts together who brought you the Recipes for a Cleaner, Greener Lifestyle booklet.