Sustainable Investing

We choose to incorporate sustainable, responsible, impact investment strategies in our investment policy. This approach helps us manage the risks that poor corporate policies, and at times outright bad behavior, might have on the long-term success of publicly owned companies. We also choose to work with investment managers and professionals who seek to influence companies to improve this behavior and act as responsible global citizens. We believe that it’s time for corporate executives to take the lead through their business activities to help improve the environment, to treat their employees fairly in compensation and management practices, and to take a long-term perspective to corporate profits that include fairness and sustainability.

Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investing (SRI) is an investment discipline that seeks to generate long-term financial returns while incorporating environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) factors to have a positive social impact.  Other terms often associated with SRI are ethical, green, impact, and mission or value-based investing.

SRI helps address your concerns for the environment, public health and safety, labor protection and opportunities, compensation fairness, human rights, indigenous people’s rights, child labor, community relations, food and water security, product safety, and much more.

ESG-based investments help support solutions like corporate transparency and sustainability reporting; renewable energy; conservation and resource recycling programs; microloans for women in developing countries; water infrastructure, purification, and conservation projects; local and regional agriculture and land conservation; rehabilitation and job retraining programs for veterans and displaced workers; and community programs for rehabilitation and development of affordable housing, small business lending, and early childhood education programs; and so forth.

You have the power to effect positive environmental change, to help address serious social concerns, and to influence corporations to act responsibly through the integration of ESG in your investment portfolio to support your values, provide for your family’s future, and advance social and environmental change for the better.